Airbag repair

Today, this chapter in itself. Many of our customers turn to us for example, asking that they wish to do anything more than a broken airbag plug completely identical with the original airbag. And this we are able to provide the most reasonable price. But conversely, if you are interested we can also deliver full airbag set or change their color, structure, etc.

Often we are dealing with a variety of drilled, cracked, threadbare, but dented or otherwise damaged airbags, which is needed to maintain the appearance and functionality of shape.

Nowadays cars are full of airbags, and many of them fear, or, conversely, do not have money for a new bag. You do not ride with a torn bag or some conglutinate, I will repair and surface design, we match the rest of the car.

Repair steering wheel airbags, passenger airbags, knee, overhead, side, chair, etc.

Steering wheel rim repair, or is entitled, through the skin.

Photo airbag repair

Airbag repair

If you want to repair air bags in your car please contact us. We will answer all your questions.

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