Repair holes car interiors

We know it all, we would like to buy a car, but it was a hands-free, and it left a hole. What now? Never mind, we are able to remove so that it was not known. This patch fixes a problem seemingly every day, and we have extensive experience with all kinds of surfaces and materials (suede, leather, plastics, soft plastics, plush, etc.). We can fix large pieces cut, after various kastlících taximeters, hours, navigators, etc. We can absolutely identical to imitate the original structure so as not to know the site was damaged. After the repair is not usually know and can do without having to remove a part or even directly at you and you wait. For repairs and come visit. Or will the repair was a small accident and the need are burned or cut through a hole somewhere?

Call us, we will calculate the price and remove the problem while you wait.

Photo repair holes car interiors

Example of cost of repairs is around 800 CZK, and the repair time is approximately 2 hours.

Repair holes car interiors

If you are interested in car repair holes in the interior of your car please contact us. We will answer all your questions.

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