Repair dashboards

Deck boards are an integral part of the car. They can easily damage either from the airbag or torn from the sun, chemical burns, etc. Repair prices are much lower than buying even for the older boards, and even very serious damage may not even mean the end for the board. We have the knowledge and technologies to any repair dashboards and our longstanding experience proves that even a revised instrument panel can still serve its purpose. After our years of experience we are able to do a rough calculation based on the price call us or photo and then take care of complete repair. Many repairs can be made directly to the car without having to remove, but here we are able to provide. We can also change the shape, texture, color, or even end plates. Finish various outlets, accessories, etc. No problem.

Do you have a problem with your dashboard? Please contact us.

Repair dashboards

If you want to repair the dashboard of your car please contact us. We will answer all your questions.

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