Other repair and plastic welding

Miscellaneous plastic products we use every day and did not even realize it. Our repairs extend far beyond the automotive industry. Our customers have with us also manage the letting of office equipment from luggage to the chair, and work together divers also need to adapt their production and equipment, or repair medical aids, etc.

The range is really great and everything is not specified, but for example also repair:
Swimming pools, neighborhood pools, sewage, reservoirs, manifolds, garden equipment, railings, and vacuum cleaners suction equipment, toys, strollers, baby seats, kitchen equipment, chairs, shelves, staircase and agricultural machinery or even seats, flooring and handrails in traffic devices.

Also very often repair homes, the interiors of trailers, boats, marine engines, bridges, piers, buoys or different machines, sports equipment and much more.

For everything we use professional technology and our extensive experience to your satisfaction.

Photo other repair and plastic welding

Other repair and plastic welding

If you are interested in other plastic welding and repair contact us. We will answer all your questions.

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