Renovation moldings and sidewalls

Renovation rails and sidewalls Your style may be seriously damaged, it must be just missing some little things, details, etc. We can fix even the smallest thing, the most environmentally friendly manner, that did not stop even after the repair sites. We also repair and manufacture of various parts in the interior of your old sweetheart, who may need to be cracked wrinkled drilled a broken or otherwise damaged. We will help you with the sheet metal, rusty products, subsequent or even fiberglass parts. And what about your cracked wheel? Bring it to us. Or you are missing a part? Talk to us about the production of a new piece. These repairs require specific closer contact with customers, which may interfere with the work performed and put us on your requirements for his ultimate satisfaction. We are patient and we will accommodate you in your requirements.

Photo moldings and sidewalls

Renovation moldings and sidewalls

If you are interested in refurbishing moldings and sidewalls of your vehicle please contact us. We will answer all your questions.

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