Renovation dashboards

Renovation dashboards Based on our years of experience can deal with broken-down old cabin or veteran plates. We respect the demands of repair parts, and even our approach to them is strictly professional. Repair damage resulting from aging, sun-faded, cracked, crumbling, worn, calloused, and many other damage brought about by time or inconsiderate action of someone unqualified. We will also have a seemingly unsolvable damage, repair or breaking, you would not expect that to be resolved. We provide a complete dashboard overhaul, finished in the missing parts and / or manufacture of new pieces of embedded boards.
If necessary, we are able to produce a record according to the agreed templates and documentation.

Do not throw away and not look too precious your old parts.
Talk to us about how to repair them.

Renovation dashboards

If you are interested in renovating the dashboard of your car please contact us. We will answer all your questions.

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