Weld bumpers

Weld bumpers and other plastic materials from small cracks to nearly torn to pieces, we can also weld several pieces of the poison parts, plastics and polyurethane, the U.S. plastics and hard plastics welding repair at a fraction of the price of new parts..

To know the cost of repairs?
Call or send pictures, based on years of experience will cost approximately Determine repair, or simply a repair care. The injured part, we are able to remove the paint and repair, including mount back and that both us and you. For repairs and come visit. Most repairs can be transported via while you wait or within one day. We use professional equipment repair, which provides nearly one hundred percent strength and full functionality of the repaired part. Extremely stressed part, we are able to reinforce and solidify. We repair bumpers, coolers, boxes, arches, lights, mirrors, masks, pots and other plastic car, but also all other plastic things, whether outdoor or indoor

For a cheaper fix, we recommend to collect all the broken pieces and bring them to us with breaking work.

Weld bumpers

If you are interested in welding the bumper of your car please contact us. We will answer all your questions.

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