Changes in color and shape of the car interior

We finish the interior color of the stains minor repairs to complete interior color change.

We repair scratched handle frames, levers, etc. We will change the shape and color additional ornamental moldings in your interior. We can also add decorative moldings or remove and knead the contrary, after the pit and holes, or just need to put lights in them.

We change the shape of your interior as you will meet him or shape match the image you want. Repair or produce drawers, boxes, etc. We can also matches the interior of your component that you want so that the design and fit to match the dashboard. Prop and clean transitions, structure and color compared with the surrounding surface so that it acted as the original part.

Changes in color and shape of the car interior

If you are interested in changing color and shape of the car interior of your vehicle please contact us. We will answer all your questions.

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