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Renovation of veteran car interiors, repair of car interiors and repairs and renovations of plastics.

Our company has been operating on the market since 1998 and many years of experience in car interiors, their repair and renovation convinced us and our partners that quality and well executed repair achieves quality, strength and appearance before damage and can greatly help shorten time and cost of repairs.

We will take your damaged parts and bring them back after repair.

Opravy autointerir

Opravy nraznk

Auto Interior Repair

For plastic repair, the time, cost, and scope of repair options can only be fractions of new or old parts.

We can offer a complete range of services and even things that only our company is able to do in the repair of car interiors, such as making missing parts according to a photograph or mirroring them, as well as changes in shape, color, etc.

Renovation of veteran car interiors is very specific and without years of experience and practice it would not be possible. We have experience with many and seemingly irreversibly damaged parts, which we are able to repair and restore to original condition by patient and professional work. We offer repairs of car interiors, veteran car interiors and plastics. Complete renovation or production of missing parts as well as expert consultation for each repair. We always use professional repair equipment and materials that meet the strictest demands placed on the repaired site. Many of our business partners and individuals have already convinced our repairs. Our experience and professional work can help them with seemingly insoluble problems and save their time and money.

We do not search for orders at all costs, but specialize in specific and quality work. Come and see.