Car interiors

Our company specializes in renovating veteran car interiors, car interior repairs and renovations and repairs plastic.
We operate in the market since 1998 and our long experience and practice with us and our partners, convinced that the good quality and the quality of repair work, strength and appearance of damage and can greatly help reduce the time and financial cost of repairs.

Our long experience shows that almost all things in the world can be repaired.

Car interiors

Car interiors The plastic repair time, price and range of repair options can only move in a fraction of the prices of new and old parts. The auto interior repairs, we can offer a complete range of services and even things that are only able to make our company such as the production of the missing parts of a photograph or mirror transfer and changes shape, color and so on.

Renovation of veteran car interior is very specific and without experience and practice should not even be possible. We have much experience with, and seemingly irreversibly damaged parts, we are able to patiently and professional repair work and state restoration. We offer repairs for car interiors, car interior and veteran plastic-making or a complete renovation missing parts and technical consultation for each repair. Always use a professional mending techniques and materials, that meet the highest demands on the repair. Our repairs have convinced many of our partners from the ranks of many companies, but also to individuals. Our experience and professional work can help them with seemingly insoluble problems and save their time and money.

Not seek a contract at any price, but we specialize in a specific and good work. Come and see.


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