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Other Plastic Welding & Repair

We carry out repairs, welding and other repairs of plastics

We use different plastic products every day and we don't even realize it. Our repairs reach far beyond the automotive industry. Our customers also have office equipment from suitcases to chairs, we also cooperate with divers to manufacture and modify their equipment, or repair medical equipment, etc.

The range is really large and you can't list everything, but for example, we're also correcting:

Pools, pools, sewage treatment plants, tanks, downspouts, garden equipment, railings, vacuum cleaners and suction equipment, toys, prams, child seats, kitchen equipment, chairs, shelves, staircases, but also agricultural equipment or seats, decking and handrails in vehicles.

We also very often manage caravans, trailer interiors, boats, marine engines, bridges, piers, buoys or various machines, sports equipment and more.

For everything we use professional technology and our years of experience to your satisfaction.

Much of the repair is done while you wait within one day or in the shortest possible time! We also have expert consultations.

Contact us about prices and information.
+(420) 608 98 30 30, +(420) 602 347 490

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Photo gallery Other welding and plastics repair services from some of the events we have performed

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