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Motorcycle Plastic Repair

We also repair seriously damaged motorcycle plastics

We are engaged in a complete repair of motorcycle fairings of plastics and lights, including polishing colors and stickers. We will make the missing pieces, reinforce or finish the handles and we can also make scarves and other plastic accessories according to your original idea or wish. We are able to finish large missing pieces of fairing and subsequently surface finish and reposition. Our repairs start from small cracks to welding from many pieces called puzzles and reinforcement of stressed joints. We can change shapes, colors, or even add a vent.

After our repair, the joints are almost 100% and guarantee full functionality of the part for its continued trouble-free use. We can also polish, clean and restore your scratched acrylic glass.

Much of the repair is done while you wait within one day or in the shortest possible time! We also have expert consultations.

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Photo gallery

Photo gallery Repair of motorcycle plastics from some of the events we have performed

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