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Bumper welding

We also weld seriously damaged plastics

We weld bumpers and other plastics from small cracks to almost torn pieces, we can also weld a whole piece from several pieces, even PUR plastics, US plastics and so-called non-weldable plastics can be repaired at a fraction of the price of a new piece.

Want to know the price of the repair?

Call or send a photo, based on many years of experience we will estimate the price of the repair or take care of the repair. We are able to disassemble the repaired part, including the paintwork, and refit it, both for us and for you. For repairs and commute. Most repairs can be done while you wait or within a day. We use professional repair technology that guarantees almost one hundred percent strength and full functionality of the repaired part. We are able to reinforce and strengthen extremely stressed parts. We repair bumpers, coolers, boxes, int. plastics, wheel arches, lights, mirrors, masks, containers and other car plastics, but also all other plastic things, whether outdoor or interior.

For a cheaper repair, we recommend that you collect all the cracked pieces and bring them to us along with breaking the piece.

Much of the repair is done while you wait within one day or in the shortest possible time! We also have expert consultations.

Contact us about prices and information.
+(420) 608 98 30 30, +(420) 602 347 490

Photo gallery

Photo gallery Welding of bumpers from some of the events we have performed

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