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Restoration of moldings and sidewalls

We repair and renovate moldings and sidewalls

Your interior does not have to be seriously damaged, just missing some small details, details, etc. We will repair even the smallest details in the most gentle way, so that even after the rest of the monument. We also repair or manufacture various parts in the interior of your old pet, which may be cracked, wrinkled, broken or otherwise damaged. We can handle sheet metal, corroded or laminate parts.

What about your cracked steering wheel? Bring it to us.

Or do you miss a part entirely? Ask us about making a new piece.

These specific repairs require closer contact with the customer, who can interfere with the work carried out and ask us for his final satisfaction. We are patient and will be happy to assist you in your requests.

All these repairs are done in high quality at reasonable prices and while you wait. We also have expert consultations.

Contact us about prices and information.
+(420) 608 98 30 30, +(420) 602 347 490

Photo gallery

Photo gallery Renovation of moldings and sidewalls from some of the events we have performed

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If you are interested in renovation, please contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.