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We will come and fix it while you wait

We will come, dismantle, repair and reinstall

We are able to repair much of the damage while you wait while on site and without disassembly. You can continue your work and we will come and do ours. You don't bring anything, you save money and time. Some parts need to be repaired, but it's difficult to dismantle, and that's not a problem.

Or you need to make something bigger out of plastic that is poorly transported, or you don't want to come to us with your big car.

All these repairs are done in high quality at reasonable prices and while you wait. We also have expert consultations.

Contact us about prices and information.
+(420) 608 98 30 30, +(420) 602 347 490

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If you are interested in renovation, please contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.