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Production of missing parts of car interiors

We manufacture parts of car interiors according to pattern or mirroring

Sometimes, especially in more expensive or older cars, some parts of car interiors cannot be found or are prohibitively expensive, or are no longer produced.

We are able to produce your missing piece according to the template or to mirror or mold the mold according to our mutual agreement and then finish the printed part and place it in the designated place.

Even though it seems seemingly insoluble, these repairs are still possible and quite often done. Feel free to contact us with your specific request and we will come to you for a consultation and propose a solution to the problem.

All these repairs are done in high quality at reasonable prices and while you wait. We also have expert consultations.

Contact us about prices and information.
+(420) 608 98 30 30, +(420) 602 347 490

Photo gallery

Photo gallery Production of missing parts of car interiors from some of the events we have performed

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