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Changes in color and shape of car interiors

We make color adjustments and shape changes of interiors

We deal with the color scheme of interiors, from minor patches to complete color changes.

We repair scratched handles frames, levers, etc. We will change the shape and color of the decorative trim in your interior. Or we can add or remove ornamental moldings to make dimples and holes, or just place lighting in them.

We will change the shape of your interior to suit your needs or adapt it to your desired shape. We can repair or manufacture boxes, decals, frames, etc. We can also fit into your interior a component that you wish to match the design and fit with the dashboard. We make or clean gradients, align structurally and color with the surrounding surface to make it look like an original part.

All these repairs are done in high quality at reasonable prices and while you wait. We also have expert consultations.

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Photo gallery

Photo gallery Changes in color and shape of car interiors from some of the events we have performed

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