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Dashboard repairs

We have the knowledge and technology for all dashboard repairs

The dashboards are an integral part of the car. They can easily be damaged by bursting from the airbag or from the sun, burns, etc. Repair prices are much lower than buying even older boards, and even serious damage does not necessarily mean the end of the board.

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We have the knowledge and technology for all dashboard repairs and our years of experience prove that even a repaired dashboard can continue to serve its purpose. After our many years of experience, we are able to provide you with an approximate price calculation based on a phone call or a photograph and then provide a complete repair.

Many repairs can be done directly on the car without the need for disassembly, but we are also able to provide it. We can also change the shape, structure, color, or perhaps the purpose of the board. Making various boxes, accessories, etc. is also no problem.

All these repairs are done in high quality at reasonable prices and while you wait. We also have expert consultations.

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Photo gallery

Photo gallery Repair of dashboards from some of the events we have performed

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